Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We are absolutely privileged to be providing this service to all our clients, domestically and commercially.

As governmental guidelines are set, we expect by 2030 seven out of ten cars will be Electric and this will change the way people travel and plan their time. 

  • Step 1 will see the phase-out date for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans brought forward to 2030.
  • Step 2 will see all new cars and vans be fully zero-emission at the tailpipe from 2035.

The future of the automobile industry is Electric. No longer just a possibility or likelihood but an inevitability. We are sure you are already well aware of the benefits Electric vehicles have on the environment, but what about business?


How do Electric Vehicles affect Business?

  1. Business for the Future

The transition from traditional fuel sources has already started, increased taxes in specific areas and a general rise in vehicle tax is the government’s way of encouraging the change.

To keep up with this change in habits, those looking to establish a competitive advantage will need to be equipped to cope with the significant expansion of the EV market in the near future. If you choose to install Electric Vehicle charging points, you will be futureproofing for whenever that change happens.

Staying ahead of the curve is always the way to be, currently, the government is providing much financial support and assistance for homeowners and businesses to install EV Charging points, soon it will become a necessity. With every necessity comes urgency, we do not want to be in a position where we need EV Charging points and lead times for installations are months at a time.


  1. Customer, Client, and Fleet service

Three main reasons that a business would need to provide Electric Vehicle Charging Points:

1) A service for employees to charge their Vehicles

2) A service for customers and clients charge their Vehicles

3) For personal business fleet usage


As the transition is made toward Electric vehicles, business premises will be expected to provide ways to accommodate on-site. This service can give a unique client and customer experience, especially if they had traveled a long distance. Overall enhancing your customer experience and giving added value to your site.

If you do not have the essential business facilities on-site to charge their vehicles, then how can consumers and employees be expected to travel the distance?

Demand is going to increase and sites with essential business facilities will benefit from installing charging points in the same ways that people currently use supermarkets for their petrol stations while also investing in their products. It is proven that the longer a client is at your premises the more likely they are to either do business with you.

  1. Attract New Customers

Keeping customers at your site is important, but also attracting new customers is also very important. As Electrical Vehicles become the most prominent form of transport the need to charge vehicles also increases, so having charging points available could be a huge factor in attracting new customers.

It’s always about convenience for the customer, would they go to the ‘usual’ shopping location or move to a new site with the same product on offer but also where they can charge their vehicles for an hour. It’s a huge incentive for customers and an invaluable marketing tool.

  1. Increased Business Awareness

Once an EV charging point is installed at your site, your business will be included on smartphone applications, showing EV drivers that a charging station is nearby. 

Google has recently added the EV charging locator on their maps, giving a free marketing tool for you. Customers who use your site will usually give google reviews on the experience they had, invaluable for increasing business awareness and key for attracting customers from out of town.


  1. Reduce Carbon Footprint

The main focus of current businesses is to improve their carbon footprint wherever possible. If you have a vehicle fleet, then charging on-site does not only become cost-effective but also time-effective. Reducing time by charging vehicles on site means that the vehicles do not need to worry about running low, so they can be readily available for use. The longer your vehicles are off-road the less useful they are to your business.

Electric Vehicles emit zero greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to improve air quality, they are quieter than traditional vehicles, which reduces noise pollution. Pure electric vehicles are also not subject to road tax charges and cannot be taxed in emission zones, which reduces costs and supporting the environment.

There is a long way to go until the UK can consider itself completely Green, but customers and clients respect a company that is aware of its own impact on the environment which can directly improve your brand image, giving potential customers and employees even more reason to look positively at your business.


Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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