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Axiom Energy provides a simple, transparent, and honest service to help you save more!  

We have partnered with the best service providers in the industry, giving us access to a wide range of solutions to support your business.


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10 challenges Axiom Energy Solves

Managing a business is challenging enough, we provide a fully inclusive service to enable our customers to continue running their business in confidence.

Our approach to Energy procurement is to manage your requirements as we would our own. Bringing a lasting benefit to your business enables us to build a long and lasting partnership.

Our Services

Energy as a commodity is constantly on the rise, there isn’t anything that can be done to slow or stop this. What we try and do is to help manage Energy usage better, to provide an understanding of what factors effect Energy usage and work together to come to the best solution

Green Energy Supply

To drive your business towards Net Zero.

Energy Audit

An invaluable service which has reduced some of our customers invoices by 60%.

Value Added Services

Energy procurement made bespoke to your business.


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The Axiom team aim to save you money

Axiom Energy strives to provide you the best and honest prices on the market. We promise to be open and transparent to all our customers, whether that is on agreement terms or commission amounts. 

We are established consultants and want to build relationships and longevity in the industry. 


How It Works

As your Energy partner we ensure every effort is taken to maximise benefit and return for your investment. We want you to be in complete control of everything


Understand your business needs and adhere with GDPR.

Market Research

Contact our suppliers to present the most competitive quotes.


We evaluate the prices so you can make an informed decision regarding what suits you best. 

What You Get

A fully outsourced energy procurement service, giving you transparency and complete insights to a very challenging market.

Latest News & Updates

Can we truly operate on Green Energy?

Can we truly operate on Green Energy?

Living in the UK we find that there are a number of questions arising around the true impact and reliability of Green Energy, with weather conditions so sporadic, storms and constantly fluctuating temperatures. Can we rely on such an unreliable source? Well, if we...

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What Drives UK Energy Wholesale Price

What Drives UK Energy Wholesale Price

There are a number of reasons why the Energy Market fluctuates, some suppliers use different methods to purchase their Energy. Where suppliers are generating their own Energy the market rate may fluctuate more often due to supply and demand. 1- Electricity generation...

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Why Green Energy is Important

Why Green Energy is Important

Using clean, renewable Energy is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment.  Electricity production is our #1 source of greenhouse Gases, more than all of our driving and flying combined. Clean Energy also reduces harmful...

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