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At Axiom Energy we specialise in providing reliable, effective, and environmentally-sound business utility solutions. Whether you need Gas, Water, or Electricity, our team can help you get the best solution for your business. 


Making the Switch to Green Is Easy

With more and more suppliers looking for alternatives to traditional methods of Energy generation and UK’s ambitious target to reduce the emissions by at least 68% by 2030. There has never been a better time to look at switching to Green Energy. 

Our Services

Understanding the Energy market is vital in knowing when to purchase and for what duration. The Energy industry can be very complex and hard to grasp

Assessment & Consulting

To establish the current process of Energy procurement and see where improvements could be made. Axiom Energy will always consult with you to ensure our energy strategy is in line with your requirements; it’s never a one size fits all approach.

Energy Procurement

Energy can become a very challenging cost to manage and reduce, with our partnerships once we have understood your requirements we can tailor our suppliers to your needs. 

The Axiom Way

Our clients are the core of our business, we look to not only procure but manage our after sales process with utmost perfection. Axiom Energy are proud to maintain its 100% client retention!

Bespoke Energy Management

Every business has its own requirements and we are constantly looking for ways in which we can support our client base. We have seen a great need to add the following services to further support your business.

Energy Audit

The Axiom Energy team has experience in working within different areas of the Energy Industry which has allowed us to understand and more importantly point out discrepancies with invoicing. Whilst we are well aware that the Energy Industry is unregulated, many will try and take advantage of this to reap financial benefits.

Energy Management

Effective energy management can lead to significant energy reductions and cost savings for your business. The greatest challenge for many businesses isn’t always what cost each unit of Energy is, but rather effective management of the Energy itself.

Energy Agreements

Fixed Energy agreements give your business a clear understanding of what you are expected to spend. This is usually a method taken to avoid market fluctuations and minimise risk.

KVA Analysis

KVA is the maximum amount of Energy your site will need to operate; this charge is from the grid and included on your invoice. If measured incorrectly exceeding kVA thresholds can result in businesses paying up to four times the standard rate.

Smart and sub-metering support

Monitoring and management of Energy are vital. After all, understanding where, when, and how Energy is being used will only allow you to then determine how to reduce the usage. Ultimately the entire process will save Energy and more importantly reduce costs.

Full Site Survey

Having a commercial property and managing all the required areas of business are never easy. We want to support our customers understand what can be done in the management of facilities, our basic Energy audit is a great way to understand the basics behind Energy Management.

New Meter Installation

Moving site or getting a new connection arranged for your business isn’t as easy as it sounds, with so many suppliers on the market, then to discuss with them all and raise quotes, not to mention the paperwork and worst of all is having to sort everything once it’s gone wrong. 

Non-Commodity Costs

Your Energy invoices are made up of a combination of the costs, the industry term for these costs are categorised into commodity cost (the energy you consume) and non-commodity costs.

Single and Multi-site Energy Purchasing

Energy purchasing is a full-time role, if you have a dedicated Energy procurement team and supplier agreements then perfect, if you don’t, we would like you to the Axiom Energy team as an extension of your business. Our main purpose is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become part of your ‘Team’.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We are absolutely privileged to be providing this service to all our clients, domestically and commercially. As governmental guidelines are set, we expect by 2030 seven out of ten cars will be Electric and this will change the way people travel and plan their time.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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