Energy Management

Effective energy management can lead to significant energy reductions and cost savings for your business. The greatest challenge for many businesses isn’t always what cost each unit of Energy is, but rather effective management of the Energy itself.

We provide a wide range of services and solutions to help businesses monitor, plan and reduce energy consumption.

We carry out a thorough assessment, which will allow us to advise you on the best way to move forward.


What does energy management involve?

Online portals

Our suppliers provide access to online portals allowing you to see your monthly expenditure and Energy behavioural patterns. Understanding your monthly outgoings as well as usage patterns allows us to determine what factors are influencing your Energy the most. This will also allow us to then avoid charges for consumption in peak demand periods and we can identify waste usage

Analysis of KVA and Commodity costs

If these costs have been estimated, then you are most definitely paying too much for your Energy transportation and maintenance costs. Understanding your Energy use and ensuring that all aspects of your Energy are managed adequately will allow us to not only reduce costs but give you confidence that you aren’t paying unnecessary charges.

Staff Training and Support

Ensuring staff are carrying out the correct behaviours to reduce excess Energy costs as well as maintain industry requirements.

Sub Metering

Identify areas of high energy consumption throughout your buildings and ensure your occupants are paying the right amount towards their Energy usage

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