So, what is KVA?

KVA is the maximum amount of Energy your site will need to operate; this charge is from the grid and included on your invoice. If measured incorrectly exceeding kVA thresholds can result in businesses paying up to four times the standard rate.

In 2018 we saw strict penalties introduced for companies exceeding the available capacity (kVA) on their half-hourly electricity meters.

So how can Axiom Energy help?

If we hold a valid letter of authority, we’ll check if you’ve gone over your agreed capacity over the last year and offer the necessary support. Don’t assume you are being charged correctly, it’s always best to get this checked.


Reducing and Increasing Available Supply Capacity


Reducing your available supply capacity

Distribution costs account for a large chunk of your electricity invoice – around 25-30% – so if we can reduce these for you that will dramatically decrease your invoice amount. If you have reduced operation and are looking to maintain this, we can look at making the change for you.


Increasing your available supply capacity

If you have recently increased Energy usage, whether that’s through increased manpower or site production, getting your KVA checked would be a wise decision. Dramatic increases in KVA can influence grid load and therefore costs of supply, all to be charged back to your business. From experience the grid network provider will always charge 3 to 4 times the standard rate for exceeding set loads.

Our kVA Analysis will provide you with an accurate picture of your usage, helping to avoid penalties and ensure you’re only paying for what your business needs.

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