Single and Multi-site Energy Purchasing


Energy purchasing is a full-time role, if you have a dedicated Energy procurement team and supplier agreements then perfect, if you don’t, we would like you to the Axiom Energy team as an extension of your business. Our main purpose is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become part of your ‘Team’.


Single site Energy Purchasing

We understand that minimising unnecessary overheads for businesses of all sizes is a necessity when striving to maximise profit. Reducing costs not only allows for greater profit but also allows for businesses to reinvest more for growth and therefore more profit.

Managing single-site businesses is a challenge and with our current access to market, we can ensure all aspects of the agreement are scrutinised for cost reduction. Whilst we know cost reduction isn’t the only area of Business Energy procurement, it is no doubt very important.

To further ensure we are offering a market-leading service our suppliers are carefully chosen, we ensure they follow similar principles of business and the importance of customer relations.

Furthermore, our customers are managed by us!

So, if you have a challenge, query, or question we want you to call us first. We will then liaise with the supplier and our dedicated account managers to ensure everything is resolved.

Multi-site Energy Purchasing

All our customers have different needs and expectations and while a single site management is difficult at times, managing multiple sites can be very challenging. Trying to ensure contractual information is maintained and monitored, keeping track of agreement renewals and then to ensure every site is getting a competitive price, to resolve site queries, metering queries, billing queries, well… the list goes on!

We work with our customers to procure multi-site agreements to assist in simplifying everything. Where possible we will ensure there is one agreement covering all the sites to minimise paperwork and stress, we work closely to ensure all governmental guidelines are followed and maximise cost reduction.

As a multi-site business, consider your Energy as a product. If you buy from a wholesaler larger quantities on a regular basis you are more likely to get a better price per product. We use the same principle to approach the market, we know not all suppliers offer bulk purchasing agreements so working with those that do, so we can reduce the price per kilowatt of Electricity/Gas.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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