I am sure we have all heard it, well the answer – it’s not that straightforward.

Typically leaving the heating on all day will be good on a well-insulated home, as the home won’t allow the heat to escape. On a not so well-insulated home, heat will constantly escape.

Having to heat your home over and over no doubt is not ideal either, the constant use of your heating will also add a lot of unwanted pressure on your boiler. Thus, resulting in additional costs in the not too distant future.

So, what’s the answer then?

 Firstly, check your home insulation, in terms of cost-effectiveness, loft insulation is the cheapest and easiest to do, costing about £250 if you opt for mineral wool insulation. This will pay back in just a couple of years. Cavity wall insulation and floor insulation are the next things to target.

These will make your home feel warmer as a whole, therefore reducing the need to depend on heating so much. Also, when you do switch on your heating your home will stay warmer for longer. The constant use of heating is also detrimental to the environment – that’s another topic of discussion. 

To summarise – the answer isn’t that straight forward and it’s not a sensible course of action.

As a little piece of advice please stay away from fan heaters – they are cheap to buy but very, very expensive to run.