Living in the UK we find that there are a number of questions arising around the true impact and reliability of Green Energy, with weather conditions so sporadic, storms and constantly fluctuating temperatures. Can we rely on such an unreliable source?

Well, if we look at Weather as a reason to doubt Green Energy then the way to make weather a constant source of Energy is to use Green Energy, the use of Green Energy whether that is using Rooftop Solar, Wind Farms or Grid Reliance will make Global impact whilst stabilising the planet as a whole.

Renewable Energy is Reliable!

As long as there is a breeze and the sun shines, we have sources of Energy.

Reliance on National Grids is always going to be there, so as customers now receive Energy from the grid lines this will always be a possibility. The only difference is that the way Energy is generated will change.

If by chance a city doesn’t have enough sunlight or wind, then as technology advances with storage of Energy becoming easily facilitated then Energy can be generated in one area and moved to another. The switch will take some time however, the sooner we all make the move the sooner these technologies can be put into gridlines. We need to emphasize here that sole dependence on Green Energy may not be the best way to operate, reduction in conventional use of fossil fuels is the aim.

Renewables Benefit the Economy

  • Energy Security

Renewable Energy provides reliable power supplies and fuel diversification, which enhance Energy security and lower the risk of fuel spills while reducing the need for imported fuels.  Renewable Energy also helps conserve the nation’s natural resources.

  • Economic Development

The Renewable Energy industry is more labour intensive than its fossil fuel counterpart, meaning on average it creates more employment opportunities. The industry also creates positive ripple effects down to the renewable energy supply chain and unrelated businesses due to overall economic health and profit.

  • Energy Price Stability

Renewable Energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal do not incur fuel costs or require transportation. Therefore, offering greater price stability, some electric utilities factor Energy transportation costs into their retail prices. Removing the need to transport Energy by road also removes this cost, greater profits, and greater saving for the end-users.

Renewable Energy provides opportunities on multiple scales and with the UK moving away from European Union having a self-sufficient Energy structure will only support the economy. Some of the positive contributions Renewable Energy has had are:

  • 72% emission reduction in the power sector since 1990
  • 738,000 jobs are supported across the UK.
  • 54% of the power is generated from low carbon sources.
  • £13bn invested by the UK Energy sector
  • £95bn generated in economic activity through the supply chain.
  • £770m spent by the sector in 2019 to support vulnerable customers through social schemes.


Green Energy is always available and gives the whole planet a better future, whilst also enabling smarter use of an infinite resource.

With renewables, we are doing our part, we are making a difference, we are making a statement.

We are Lowering our carbon footprint and contributing to a cooler globe and giving us greater financial stability.