‘A business is valued by the commitment it shows to the local community and the impact it has on society.’

This is something we firmly believe at Axiom Energy, albeit we are a growing consultancy we have a focus on giving back. The statement above is something our Director Azar Khan says on a regular basis.

The hard work and commitment to this statement have been recognised by our local community and Axiom Energy has been nominated as a finalist for the Charity and Business Partnership of the Year award. 

This award is offered by Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL) to recognise businesses that work with their local communities, and those organisations who are dedicated to making the community, and the world, a better place. 

For us at Axiom Energy, this is core to the way we want to bring change across the world! Our core offering of Energy management is something we wanted to focus on developing a better world, a better tomorrow. We feel if Energy is managed correctly and processes are in place to maximise efficiency, we don’t waste Energy, this reduces our carbon footprint which directly impacts our emissions and the environment. 

This task not only helps businesses reduce carbon emissions but also helps with reducing costs, as reducing Energy used directly impacts the cost of Energy.

Furthermore, what our Director, Azar Khan had put in place is that any sale or money we receive 10% will go to the charity/voluntary sector. This has been non-negotiable! 

Having donated to local and international causes. What we have put in place is when we secure a new customer, we ask them where they would like to donate the 10%, as we feel the best way to stay neutral is to ask the customer. 

Axiom Energy is also involved with local sports teams, competing at various levels and age groups. Axiom sponsors Stoneygate Lions u11 Blues, the Community Football Association (CFA) and Stoneygate FC. All clubs are competing and seeing great success in promoting football locally. Axiom Energy has also funded international sports days and provided essentials such as football boots, clothing, footballs and food to Kenya working alongside Football Without Borders. 

Giving back is something we feel drives us to further our success, as the more we grow the more we can give back. 

Our nomination for this award and becoming FINALISTS is so satisfying, we are so pleased to see the small actions we have done are being recognised and more importantly, make an impact. 

This nomination for charitable work we have done is more than just recognition. We hope it serves as an inspiration for other businesses to follow suit. Demonstrating corporate social responsibility isn’t just about goodwill; it’s about fostering a better society and a stronger community. 


Thank you to the team at Voluntary Action Leicester, we hope we can continue supporting local and national organisations.